Haystack Fund

We invest in early stage entrepreneurs. needles.

Ready to be discovered?​

We invest in early stage entrepreneurs. needles.

Ready to be discovered?

Haystack is a venture capital firm dedicated to entrepreneurs. We help you achieve your full potential.

Featured Venture: Wonderpass

A smart-ticketing venture, payment system and adventure marketplace that could revolutionize the travel and tourism industries.

Haystack Fund has partnered with Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism, leading travel agencies, tourist sites and global travel brands, launching this summer.


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About Haystack

The world is upside down right now — but we want to act rather than wait it out.

We are privileged to be in a position to invest. We want to work with entrepreneurs with big ideas.

Haystack is all about trajectory. We build teams around powerful ideas and passionate people. This means finding the right mentors and advisors and collaborating with you on your journey to success. We want to bring out the best in you and your business.

Our ideal trajectory is straight up — like a moonshot. But we’re experienced enough to know how hard that is. We say it often, but we cannot say it enough: The guiding mission at Haystack is to become the investors we wish we had when we were starting.

The right support for the size of your project

Haystack in Canada
& Europe

High-caliber ventures that will disrupt global markets and potential to reach millions of people.

Haystack in Asia

Mid-sized ventures, with the advantage of local support if located in Southeast Asia.

Haystack LABS

Experimental, disruptive ventures in a smaller scale that can be launched and tested quickly.

We worked with great mentors and investors in our past ventures and we want to be just that for the entrepreneurs we work with today.​

Success for us is helping you and your company reach max potential. Our reward comes from watching you grow and being a part of the evolution.

Before we start throwing around hay puns in celebration (another “field” of our expertise), how about we double check we’re a good fit?