Cambodia Partners With Haystack-funded Wonderpass To Develop Digital Tourism in Post-Covid Era

Cambodia Partners With Haystack-funded Wonderpass To Develop Digital Tourism in Post-Covid Era

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PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Tourism of the Royal Government of Cambodia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Wonderpass Technology Co., Ltd to work in a strategic partnership to promote a new era of digital tourism. 

The groundbreaking agreement, signed by Minister of Tourism H.E. Dr. Thong Khon, calls for the ministry to collaborate with Wonderpass in efforts to develop Cambodia’s crucial tourism sector, including smart ticketing, event management, e-payments and e-sports, as well as the digitalization of tourist-related information systems. 

“The evolution global travel, in the Digital Tourism 4.0 plan, is a key area where Wonderpass can be an effective solution for Cambodian tourism businesses and operators as they work to stay competitive in the region by providing new promotions and experiences for tourists,” the ministry said in the MoU, which will remain in place for five years starting from August 2021. 

The Ministry of Tourism has moved to adopt digital technologies as part of its 2021 Action Plan for the recovery of tourism during and after the current Covid-19 crisis. The ministry has turned to Wonderpass to help improve efficiency, outreach and productivity, according to the MoU. 

Wonderpass will now be allowed to use the logo of the Ministry of Tourism to promote the Wonderpass system to the public and tour operators.


Wonderpass is a cashless smart-ticketing and event management platform that was launched this year with support from the Haystack Fund, a global investment capital firm. Haystack opened in Phnom Penh in March with more than US$2 million to invest in digital ventures in Cambodia, including $1 million to develop the pioneering Wonderpass platform. 

The partnership allows Wonderpass to advertise its ticketing system at Cambodia’s premier historical sites and tourism destinations, and to link with the websites and mobile applications of “Visit Cambodia” and “Kingdom of Wonders,” which are operated by the Ministry of Tourism. 

The ministry said Wonderpass would “facilitate fast and convenient payment arrangements” for vaccinated tourism travel packages to be organized by the Ministry of Tourism. Wonderpass recently donated 400,000 N95 masks to the Ministry of Health to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

It is an honor to assist the Royal Government as it integrates digital technologies into the organization and management of tourism events, such as sports tourism, gastronomic tourism, and international e-Sports and e-Games in the region.

Frédéric H. Proulx, CEO of Wonderpass


Key Cambodian partners, including ABA Bank and WING, are on board to help Wonderpass provide convenient and secure payment options. Wonderpass has also integrated with IPification, a one-click mobile authentication system.

The MoU requires Wonderpass to establish a corporate social responsibility fund to support tourism development. Wonderpass also agreed to organize training events for the Ministry of Tourism on development planning, data management, booking and payment systems, and new technologies for managing digital tourism events. 

The ministry said it would coordinate with the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia to study the possibility of organizing the 32nd SEA Games and the 12th ASEAN Para Games in 2023 through the Wonderpass event management system.

The MoU said the ministry would work with the Olympic Committee and the E-Sports Federation of Cambodia to co-organize international e-sports and e-games events in the region, such as the ASEAN E-Sports Championships and the IESF World Championships at Morodok Techo Stadium in Phnom Penh Capital and other suitable venues.

“Wonderpass will be an effective tool to help Cambodian tourism stay competitive in the Southeast Asia region, and beyond,” said Proulx, who is also the executive director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia.

“We will do this by promoting the beauty and history of the Kingdom of Wonder — and by offering new experiences to a new generation of tourists.”

Wonderpass Technology will soon open a new headquarters on Koh Pich island in central Phnom Penh. To learn more about Wonderpass, please visit