Aseptcorp, announces a reorientation of company mission and a change of name

Aseptcorp, announces a reorientation of company mission and a change of name

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MEDIA CONTACT: Frédéric H. Proulx (English/French), Sokunthea Peng (Khmer)

Aseptcorp, a successful subsidiary of Haystack Holding based in Canada, is excited to announce a reorientation of our company mission and a change of name to Winter Spirits & Fine Goods.

We have generated more than $60M in sales in the past 2 years under the name of Aseptcorp, but we have realized that in order to truly make a positive impact, we need to refocus our efforts on locally made products from our headquarters in West-Bolton, Quebec, Canada.

Winter Spirits & Fine Goods will now specialize in the high-end market of alcohol medical derivatives and fine spirits, and will be exporting them all around the world.

The project of Winter Spirits & Fine Goods includes high-end facilities with local whisky cabins for accommodations, providing visitors a unique and immersive experience. The cabins offer a chance to stay on the premises and explore the distillery and the surrounding natural beauty of Quebec.

Previously, we were focused on importations and trading goods from all around the world. However, we have decided to shift our focus towards locally made products in order to support our community and reduce our carbon footprint. As a part of this transition, we are proud to announce our new name, which we believe better represents our company’s values and goals.

We are confident that this reorientation and rebranding will allow us to have a greater positive impact on the world, and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers and community with our new name, mission, and locally made, high-end products in the alcohol medical derivatives market and fine spirits, which will be exported all around the world.

ABOUT HAYSTACK: Haystack Holding is a Canadian based company that invests in promising ventures. Haystack is also a shareholder of Nova Farming Inc, known as Winter Farm, a successful and promising venture based in Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada that specializes in sustainable farming practices, producing high-quality, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Their farm is a proof of concept of the Winter Farm and you can find more information about them on their website or social media platforms. Hay